Vania is responsible for accounts payable at McShea Consulting. She received a Nursing Degree from Angelo State University. Vania has a lot of experience in the field of accounting helping small family businesses prosper in Colorado Sprigs, CO and San Antonio, TX.  Vania McShea is a proud mother and wife.

McShea Consulting, LLC

Michael R. McShea, P.E.

Founder & CEO

Dan Clark

Mechanical Engineer

Graduated in May 2017 from Florida State University with a masters in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in thermal-fluids and sustainable energy. He is a musician and enjoys hiking.


Ryan Frerichs

Mechanical Engineer - EIT

Our Team

Experienced office manager with 7 years of experience in office administration and client relations and an affection for filing systems. Ruth is also a student at Pikes Peak Community College majoring in Accounting. In her spare time enjoys hiking with her dogs and her husband. 


Experienced in Engineering and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for large commercial projects. His experience building and racing motorcycles contributes to his desire to design building MEP systems.


Ruth Hunt

Office Manager

Robert Halverson, CEFP, LEED AP

Director of Operations

Coree Forrester

MEP Designer 

Amy Reyes

Electrical Engineer

Vania McShea

Human Resources & Accounting

Daniel Brandenburg

MEP Design Professional

Professional Engineer with 17 years of experience. Passion for understanding and designing the whole building approach from Architecture,Structural and MEP systems. Loves to find realistic LEED and Green solutions. Loves his family, the outdoors and traveling. 


Director, Manager, Engineer with 35 years experience in mechanical and electrical systems, project management and systems integration.  Formerly Director of Engineering for Facilities and Services at the University of Illinois, now supporting the needs for a better built and sustainable environment along the Front Range!