Michael R. McShea, P.E.

Founder & CEO

17 Years of Experience

Our Team

Professional Engineer with 17 years of experience
Passion for understanding and designing the whole building approach from Architecture,Structural and MEP systems. Loves to find realistic LEED and Green solutions. Loves his family, the outdoors and traveling.

E-Mail: mike@mcsheaconsulting.com

Nadia has over 7 years of office management. She's responsible for the office to run smoothly and efficiently. She is an avid hockey fan and spends her free time volunteering for several outdoor agencies in the region.

E-mail: Nadia@mcsheaconsulting.com

Electrical Engineer - EIT
Amy has worked as military contractor and understands the challenges of government projects. She is a natural born leader whose diverse talents and fluency in Spanish make her a vital asset to every team.

E-mail: amy@mcsheaconsulting.com

Enjoys designing and drafting MEP systems by preparing accurate technical and construction drawings. Hands on approach produces budget conscious design solutions. Pioneering designer of MMJ facilities in Colorado​ 

E-Mail: chris@mcsheaconsulting.com

Vania is responsible for accounts payable at McShea Consulting. She received a Nursing Degree from Angelo State University. Vania has a lot of experience in the field of accounting helping small family businesses prosper in Colorado Sprigs, CO and San Antonio, TX.  Vania McShea is the proud mother and wife.

E-mail: vania@mcsheaconsulting.com

Experienced in Engineering and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for large commercial projects. His experience building and racing motorcycles contributes
to his desire to design building MEP systems.

E-mail: ryan@mcsheaconsulting.com

Dan Clark

Mechanical Engineer

Coy Brandenburg

MEP Designer - LEED Accredited Professional Building Commissioning


McShea Consulting, LLC

Nadia Cordoba

Office Administrator

Vania McShea

Human Resources & Accounting

Amy Wikstrom

Electrical Engineer  EIT

Amy Reyes

Electrical Engineer

Daniel has over 5 years of experience in the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing drafting and design field.  Originally from Florida, he moved to Colorado Springs to start a career in commercial building engineering design.  He is a proud father and husband.

E-mail: daniel@mcsheaconsulting.com

Daniel Brandenburg

MEP Design Professional

Daniel Branderburg

MEP Engineering Design

Ryan Frerichs

Mechanical Engineer - EIT

Coy has over 32 years of MEP design and project management experience. As a general contractor a great understanding of the whole building environment and
construction. His passion is building and family.

E-mail: Coy@mcsheaconsulting.com

Chris Wikstrom

MEP Engineering Design

10 Years of Experience